Special Constable

Location : Bristol, UK

Salary :

Everyday people doing extraordinary things

Why not come along and be the difference, to support the communities in which we all live and work.

The last police officer you saw could have been one of our special constables.

In their day job they may have been leading a project to build the new school close to you, driving the train you took on your commute to work, working self-employed from home during the day or answering the call you placed to book your travel insurance for your break away, our volunteers come from all walks of life.

What joins our special constables together is the commitment and support they provide to our organisation by dedicating some of their free time to the communities of Avon and Somerset.

In return we provide them with the training to ensure they are fully prepared and ready to help across the wide range of tasks our uniformed officers perform on a daily basis.

In this role we would want you to use your skills to communicate effectively, be calm under pressure and at times work in situations that may be mentally and physically challenging.

Our regular police officers are a frontline resource to our organisation and as a special constable you will work alongside these individuals, you will be a warranted police officer with powers of arrest and provide the same level of service they do.

Why not walk side by side with our regular police officers being valued for who you are working for an organisation that is on the journey to become an outstanding police force. If this is something you would like to do then please check out our Special Constable Careers page.

Some employers will allow you to take a number of volunteering days away from your day job to support other organisations. As an organisation we need you to commit to a minimum of 16 hours of your time per month to work in your role.

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