About Anglian Water

“Inclusion is vital to the success of our organisation. Having a wealth of people from different backgrounds and with different experiences introduces new ways of thinking which in turn informs the ways in which we work. Challenging our thinking and decision-making helps us to continually improve and outperform against our targets. It also better reflects our region and the customers and communities that we serve every single day”.

Our commitment: We recognise and value the diversity of our people whose backgrounds, experience and identities broaden and enhance the capability and success of our teams. We are committed to reflecting the diversity of our customers in our workforce and with our supply chain partners.Our inclusion-based approach recognises that people who work for us, or who want to work for us, will be valued, treated fairly and respected for their individuality.

Gender Pay Gap report 2021

Inclusion is vital to the success of our organisation and being inclusive is an integral part of being a responsible business. We value diversity of thought and believe having people from different backgrounds and with different experiences stimulates innovation and improves the ways in which we work. As part of our commitment to inclusion we share not only our gender pay gap data, as required law, but also our full Gender Pay Gap Report. The report tells the wider story of the pay gap and the action we are taking to close it. Our latest report for the reporting year March 2020 to March 2021 can be found below.

The gender pay gap is reporting on the average difference between the pay of all men and all women across the organisation, it is different to equal pay where men and women must be paid the same for equivalent work.