Hiring New Staff? Here’s how to attract the LGBTQ Community

As the world becomes more understanding and accepting of the LGBTQ community, we expect businesses to do the same. While diversity in the workplace is becoming a priority, more still needs to be done to ensure the work scape in the UK is equal, safe and fair for all.  

So if you are currently recruiting new staff or plan to do so in the future, you need to know how to attract the LGBTQ community. LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruitment Trends Report found 78% of talent leaders were tackling diversity in the workplace head-on, but 38% of survey respondents stated that searching for diverse candidates was their toughest job.

This indicates that despite the uptick in business’ attempts to be more diverse employers, finding and attracting candidates who span all gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, religions, socio-economic circumstances, and races is more difficult than they imagined.

This may for several reasons, but is most likely due to an inadequate strategy. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to attract a diverse talent pool. With our top tips and some time, effort, and resources you can attract the LGBTQ community and hire the best talent available in the job market. 

Do your market research

To better understand the unique needs and concerns of the LGBTQ community, you must establish the positive factors that would welcome an LGBTQ individual and the negative factors that would deter them. A great way to do this is to set up internal polls and surveys to understand more about the current climate within your company in terms of equality, diversity and discrimination. Then look and compare your findings with your direct competitors’ diversity strategy to see what you are up against. Reflect on what you think works well and what doesn’t.

Give your recruitment process a makeover

Now you’ve painted a better and more accurate picture, it’s time to look at the best ways to attract the LGBTQ community. With the lessons learned in market research, you can adapt and apply them to all aspects of your business, starting with the recruitment process.

You must be clear about your intentions, and one way to do this is to be explicit in your job advertisements by stating that all gender identities and all orientations are welcome to apply. But this isn’t enough, it’s vital that everyone in the recruitment process is aware and onboard.

Using LGBTQ friendly online job board like LGBT Jobs, training your HR staff, and employing diversity-friendly background investigators are the best places to start. This way you can eliminate any discrimination and homophobia that could be hiding in the earliest recruitment stages. By using a diversity-oriented talent acquisition strategy, you can ensure you are capturing the most diverse and talented candidates in the job market. 

Address the Interview

LinkedIn’s report revealed that 83% of survey respondents felt as though a negative interview experience could change their mind about a job or company they once liked. That is a staggeringly high percentage of potentially brilliant candidates who are deterred by a poor interview. So what can we do to combat this and ensure this first point of contact is friendly, welcoming, and inclusive? 

Firstly, look at who is conducting the interviews. Not everyone is a natural-born interviewer, and without adequate training, this could be unintentionally deterring some individuals. Good cooperation and communication between you, your HR staff, and the hiring staff should help to iron out these issues.

Invest in interviewer training to give your staff the tools, skills, and confidence to evaluate and analyse talent in a friendly, welcoming, and safe way. Alongside this, ensure that all members of staff have a firm grasp on your company’s diversity and inclusion mission, especially important as LinkedIn reports that 43% of diversity recruiting fails because of interview bias.

Get social

Social media is a fantastic tool for establishing brand loyalty and building customer networks but, also, showcasing and shouting about all the fantastic efforts you are putting in to become an inclusive employer. Are you sponsoring an event in Pride month? Why not schedule a post on Instagram to coincide with the ticket launch?

According to Talkwalker, the average internet user in the UK spends an hour and a half on social media a day, so this is a great space to tap into if you don’t already have a presence. Being proactive is key here, so be creative, showcase your diversity and inclusion mission and you will soon reap the benefits. 

Ask for honest feedback

Last, but not least, get curious. Any business needs to receive regular constructive feedback, but when you are hoping to attract and retain members of the LGBTQ community in your organsiation, it’s even more crucial. Ask candidates – successful and unsuccessful – to give honest and constructive feedback on all the points and places they interacted with your organisation. Be open-minded about new ideas, address any complaints, and implement any necessary changes. 

So, there we have it, a round-up of our top five tips for how to attract the LGBTQ community when hiring new staff.

Hiring new staff is tricky, but with these steps, you should see an uplift in the diverse candidates wanting to join your organisation. Get in touch for more information about what we at LGBT Jobs can do to help you and your business attract the best candidates out there.


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