Here at we believe that inclusivity, equality and diversity should be embraced as a positive part of everyday life.  As the average British employee will spend just over 34 hours per week in the workplace, they should see it as a home away from home and we as employers should treat people as such.  The workplace should provide a haven where you can be yourself and accepted as who you are without the fear of needing to change or come up against additional challenges outside of the usual work remit. 

As the shift towards this type of working environment is becoming increasingly the norm, existing clients have been looking for the perfect outlet for advertising their jobs to a much more inclusive audience.  Initially we struggled to find an avenue for our enlightened bunch so have created our much-anticipated offering to the LBGT+ community.

This is a forum where positive employers can match with the requirements of audiences searching for their perfect job where acceptance from all is key!

We don’t want ANYONE to miss out on their opportunity of a lifetime – or that contract of the month!!